Progress Archieved

The following achievements has been attained:

  • Pupils' enrollment has increased from 19 in 1997 to 380 as of  January 2015 in Std I to VII. We strive at maintaining a pupil-teacher ratio of 1:25.
  • Our pupils communicate fluently in English.
  • Remedial tuition is provided for free to pupils who transfer in from Swahili medium schools.
  • The school enrolls children from the age of 5½ years, many progressing from the daycare/pre-primary school, also operated by the SHS.
  • Modern facilities include: 14 classroom, 6 dormitories, well equipped computer room with internet access, activity room, bakery, laundry room with washing machines, soya milk machine, 1 administration block, 9 teachers houses accommodating 15 families, a multi-purpose hall, 2 buses, a pickup truck, playing grounds.
  • The school has a management team comprised of the Executive Director, the Head Teacher and a Bursar. There is also a school advisory committee (School  Board) comprised of 12 parents, the Executive Director, the Head Teacher and two other teachers. The school  has a staff of forty six (46) which includes among others 15 primary school teachers, 2 pre-school teachers, 2 nurses/matrons, 6 caretakers/assistants, 5 cooks, 4 security guards, 1 school bursar, 1 secretary/store keeper, 1 part-time doctor/physician, 1 music and fine arts teacher, and 1 computer studies teacher.