Curriculum & Learning Experience

The subjects taught are: History, Civics, Science, Mathematics, Geography, English, I.C.T, Personality Development & Sports, Vocational Skills, Social Studies, Religion, French and  Kiswahili. Extra curricular subjects include music (guitar, drums and electronic keyboard) singing, computer (word processing and computer games), fine art, & crafts. All pupils participate in sports including football, table tennis, netball, handball, basketball, volleyball, and track & field.

The pupils of SHS are trained to develop respectable standards of character, moral conduct and good behavior towards adults, staff and fellow peers. They learn proper hygiene such as brushing teeth, bathing, bed making, dressing properly for classes and other occasions. Older pupils participate in their general upkeep and well-being, by learning how to wash their own clothes, and clean and brush their own shoes. Good table manners are emphasized.

Proper nutrition is provided through three balanced meals and one tea break each day. At the end of each meal, pupils are encouraged to clean their tables. They are also encouraged to participate in the maintaining of environment they live in, by picking up of litter and disposal of trash from their dormitories, dinning room, classrooms and the school grounds.

We have created an environment that provides the utmost learning experience. English is encouraged to be spoken at all times. All staff that are in contact with pupils can communicate in English. A qualified core of competent teachers is at hand, using modern teaching methods, audiovisual equipment including a satellite dish TV access, learning videos, computers connected to the internet, and toys for both enjoyment and instructional/educational purposes.

There is a brick-wall security fence around the school compound with a secure gate to ensure pupil safety. The school offers the best facilities such as play grounds, running water and electricity, ensuring proper sanitation facilities such as water closets and hot water showers.

Study tours are organized in collaboration with parents, local businesses and game parks in an effort to broaden pupils’ educational horizons. To date, pupils have already visited Ruaha National Park, Bagamoyo, Zanzibar, Dodoma, Isimila Stone Age Site, Mikumi National Park, the Chief Mkwawa Memorial at Kalenga, Tanzania Tea Packers factory, the Mufindi Tea Company/Stone Valley Tea Estates, the INCOMET woodworks and furniture-making workshop and the list is endless.

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Being a mother, a teacher and an educational management administrator, my intention is to share knowledge and experience with my fellow parents, community members and the country as a whole  in order to build strong academic base for the children of Tanzania.

Mrs. Mary Atupele Mungai, MEd., MSc.
Executive Director
Southern Highlands School