About Us

Southern Highlands School is located in Mafinga township, Mufindi District, Iringa Region, in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The school is registered as a non-denomination co-educational English medium primary school. The school started as a kindergarten/daycare school in 1994, becoming a primary school in 1997. The kindergarten/daycare school started with the objective of providing parents in Mafinga township with daycare services and preparing children for an English medium education later.

Southern Highlands School envisions a vibrant modern education facility that answers national and parents’ expectations and pupil’s needs.

To ensure a well managed English medium school with motivated professional teachers and other supportive staff all geared for competitive academic achievement.

Educational for children, with a strong English base, has become a topical issue among parents and educators in Tanzania. There is a community-felt need for an English-medium primary education curriculum.
The main objectives include:To equip children with sound knowledge of English for effective communication as citizens of a world that has become a single global village resulting from advances in information technology.